Our experienced staff of meat cutters pride themselves on the precision and quality of their workmanship. We use a combined 100+ years of experience, modern food safety practices and state-of-the-art packaging equipment to offer a world-class portion-control meat program. The knowledge and expertise of our staff, the selection of processing equipment and the volume of activity in our meat processing facility has no local peer.  At Buzz, our production team operates as a custom meat shop, with 90%+ of all orders cut to customers' specifications, rather than cut in advance of a sale.  This customized product offering is just one reason that Buzz customers often remark that they have never seen such consistency from a steak provider. 



Beef tenderloin is the most tender cut of beef on the entire animal.  Its barrel shape, allowing for a clean and elegant presentation, has made beef tenderloin a staple on fine-dining menus around the world, and for good reason.  Its many fans and short supply make the filet mignon the most expensive option in the world of beef, but at Buzz we've helped many restaurant operators find ways to offer this sought-after item in a way and at a price point that works for their customers.  Among the options for presenting beef tenderloin are the following:

  • Center-Cut Filet Mignon, any size.
  • Chateaubriand, a true barrel-cut, double-filet.
  • Whole tenderloins for roasting, including "Steak Ready" or "Roast Ready" tenders with the fat and silver skin already peeled and cleaned.
  • Tenderloin tips and tails for tender, low-cost offerings.
  • 4oz petite filets and 2-3oz medallions.


Arguably the most flavorful muscle on the animal, ribeyes are sought after for many applications.  Traditionally, the applications for a ribeye were pretty simple, but as times change, chefs and meat shops like ours have created many new creative ways to present and enjoy this meaty treasure.  Just a list a few:

  • Whole Lipons or Export Ribs for roasting as prime rib.
  • Boneless ribeye steaks in any size
  • Bone-In Ribeye Steaks in any size
  • Ribeye Tomahawk Chops, 36-40 ounces
  • Spinalis, the c-shaped outer muscle that is arguably the most tender, flavorful and decadent part of the animal
  • Filet of Rib, the heart of the ribeye, minus spinalis, kernel fat and waste. Finally, a way to present this flavorful muscle while also controlling the portion size and reducing fat and waste.
  • And the list goes on and on.  Ask anyone at Buzz for creative ideas around offering your customers a ribeye steak.


The striploin is a rightful member of the Big Three middle meats (rib, strip & tender).  Many meat-eaters love the a strip steak for its combination of flavor and texture, along with the traditional presentation of external fat and a perfect triangular tail.  Like other muscles on the animal, today the strip is presented in more creative and interesting ways than ever.  To name just a few:

  • Classic, tail-on New York Strip steaks, in any size.
  • Striploins seasoned and roasted whole, a great, flavorful and sometimes cost-effective alternative to prime rib.
  • Bone-In, Kansas City Strips.
  • Split Strip Steaks, sometimes called Manhattan Filets, great for smaller portion sizes.
  • Striploin Chateau Roasts, split strips, roasted whole for a carving station with flavor that puts a whole tenderloin to shame.


The "fourth middle meat", the Top-Butt offers great opportunities for satisfying customers and generating profit in almost any restaurant concept.  The top butt is a complex, but tender and flavorful sub-primal that offers many options for steaks and roasts, at a fraction of the cost of the rib, strip or tender.  Among the common foodservice applications:

  • Top Sirloin steaks, "baseball" (filet style) or "flat" presentations, in any size.
  • Coulotte steaks, the very flavorful sirloin cap muscle (a favorite among Buzz staff).
  • Sirloin roasts, "barrel-tied" or whole.
  • Sirloin tips, great for many applications.

Other Popular Beef Cuts

Beef cattle are complex animals that thankfully present many, many different options for a great meal.  We've already discussed the "Big Four" middle meats, but any chef or foodie who limits themselves to those choices would miss a lot of great, creative options.  At Buzz, we find a lot of satisfaction in helping our customers utilize alternative cuts to keep their customers interested and their bottom lines profitable.  A few alternatives worth considering:

  • Hanging Tenders and Hanger Steaks
  • Flat-Iron Steaks
  • Flank Steaks
  • Briskets, Whole and Nose-Off
  • Tri Tips for steaks and roasts
  • Shortribs, bone-in and boneless
  • And many, many more choices.  Speak to anyone at Buzz for more great ideas.

Small-Batch, Signature Grinds

Over the last 5-10 years, specialty meat companies like Buzz have led the way in the food industry in celebrating ground beef.  The current "better burger" craze is a direct result of this change in perspective among chefs and meat-heads like us.  For decades, the only measure or descriptor applied to ground beef was the lean to fat ratio: 80/20, 90/10, 73/27.  Most of the time, ground beef was simply ground round (the rear end) or, if you were lucky, ground chuck (the shoulder).  What old-school meat men knew was that by introducing even a small amount of a different, flavorful muscle on the animal could dramatically change the flavor and texture of ground beef.  As a result, we've spent recent years working with customers to create small-batch (average size 50 pounds or less), signature grinds (the custome designs the blend, we make it consistently every time they order).  Just a few of the many ground beef and patty products that we're offering currently:

  • 100% Certified Angus Beef Chuck
  • Buzz Special Blend: 50% Chuck, 25% Brisket, 25% Shortrib
  • 50/50 Brisket Blend, amazing flavor!
  • CAB PRIME Fresh Patties (less than 1% of beef grades into this category)
  • Sirloin trim grinds
  • Etc, etc., etc.  Speak to anyone at Buzz if you're interested in creating a signature grind for your restaurant!

Meat Processing Facility

Our experienced meat cutters pride themselves on the precision and quality of their workmanship. We have a combined 100 years of butchering expertise and utilize modern food safety practices and packaging equipment to produce the highest level of beef available. Our state of the art processing facility can execute virtually any size order with little to no lead time.

Certified Angus Beef

Buzz's reputation for quality is both built on and reinforced by our status as a licensed distributor of Certified Angus Beef, the beef industry's first premium branded beef program.  Licensed in 1995, Buzz is one of very few independent meat companies extended the privilege to process and distribute this exclusive brand.  Founders of the program, driven by their passion for the Angus breed, established standards in 1978 to identify the best beef and to make it better.  With program standards more selective than USDA Choice and Prime, each animal must meet or exceed 10 science-based specifications for quality, before it can be considered for Certified Angus Beef.  In fact, just being "Angus" isn't good enough for the Certified Angus Beef brand; only 3 in 10 Angus cattle meet the brand's high standards.  At Buzz, we believe that Certified Angus Beef is an opportunity for every restaurant operator, with any concept, to serve the best and satisfy their guests.  Please contact any Buzz representative to learn more about the best beef in the world.

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