Gourmet Provisions

We offer a diverse mix of epicurian sundries aside from proteins. We have excellent partnerships with companies such as Roland, Corey Brothers Produce, United Dairy and JQ Dickinson Salt to bring our customers a broad array of products to fit their needs.  Please see a few programs described below, but don't hesitate to ask your Buzz rep about almost any ingredient or supply needed in your commercial kitchen.


Imported Products

With an extensive industry knowledge and a very diverse selection of products, Roland Foods has been importing the finest specialty foods since 1934.  Buzz has been supplying chefs with these consistently high quality products, sourced from around the world, and for nearly twenty years we have found they make the perfect compliment to our selection of high quality proteins.  The selection of outstanding products in Roland's offering include oils, sauces, grains, noodles, condiments, spices, baking goods, pastas and a wide range of ethnic specialties, just to name a few.  For everything special, from escargot to truffle oil to coconut water and quail eggs, Roland is the supplier of choice for Buzz and our customers.  Ask your Buzz Sales Rep for a hard-copy of the Roland catalog and for a price on any item that interests you.  To view the catalog on-line, click here.

Locally-Sourced Dairy

Cows are not a source of high quality beef.  Angus steers and heifers, yes, but cows, no.  You'll hear us say that a lot.  But this doesn't mean that cows don't have value, particularly the white ones with black spots.  Through partnership with a local producer, United Dairy, Buzz is proud to offer customers access to all common dairy items, sourced from family farms all within a 200 mile radius and bottled right here in Charleston, WV.  Similar to our unique relationship with Corey Brothers Produce, we're able to provide customers the convenience of adding milk to their meat orders at competitive prices by receiving shipments from United four mornings each week.  If your dairy business isn't big enough to justify a relationship directly with a dairy supplier, please know that you can support local farms, support a local employer, and reduce your carbon footprint, all while conveniently sourcing product from Buzz.  Ask any Buzz rep and we'll be happy to tell you more about this unique convenience program.

J. Q. Dickinson Salt

J.Q. Dickinson Salt is the product of a seventh-generation family of salt-makers in WV's Kanawha Valley.  In fact, our community was originally settled in 1813 with the purpose of producing salt, and today it's being harvested naturally and dried exclusively by sunshine in hot-houses just a few steps from where we process meats at Buzz.  We're proud to offer chefs access to this outstanding finishing salt and a growing selection of interesting salt products, available for delivery on your regular Buzz order.  Tell your customers the story of this incredible artisan product, and experience first-hand the product that was honored as "The Best Salt in The World" at the 1851 World's Fair in London.  Learn more about J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works here.  Ask your Buzz sales rep about adding a 3# package to your next order.

More Convenience Items

Keep in mind that Buzz stocks more than 3,000 items at our location in Charleston, with access to many thousands more only a day or two away.  We have made an effort to highlight a few key items, brands and product lines that are of most common interest to our customers, but please consider us a source for many more items including baking supplies, canned fruits and vegetables, salad dressings, frying oils, a limited number of beverage items, smallwares, kitchen equipment and even non-food items like paper, disposables and cleaning supplies.  Ask your Buzz rep about almost anything needed in your commercial kitchen and you may be surprised at how many things we can help with.

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