Other Proteins

Yes, everyone at Buzz dreams of beef at night.  But there are other animals that can be grilled and eaten too, and many of them are truly fantastic.  In this section, you'll learn more about our selective approach to core proteins like pork, lamb, veal, poultry and even some cured meats.  Here we share a few thoughts on how we select suppliers, including the finest quality but also a commitment to animal welfare.  Thanks for reading further, and if you're not hungry yet, you will be soon.



Buzz offers a wide array of fresh processed pork options, including choices of Berkshire, Duroc and other heritage breeds.  Compared to beef and other proteins, pork consistently offers restaurant operators great opportunities to generate profit.  If you don't know how to work a few pork dishes onto your menu, anyone at Buzz would be happy to assist.  A few popular ideas:

  • Boneless pork loin chops
  • One- and Two-Bone Frenched Rib Chops
  • Pork Porterhouse Chops
  • Pork Bellies
  • Pork Tomahawk Rib Chops
  • Pork Butts, Fresh Hams, Tenderloins, etc.


Poultry is the category in foodservice where buying a better product is perhaps most important.  The rush to raise animals faster than ever has created a commodity chicken product that raises many good questions about animal welfare, what we're putting in our bodies, what happened to the taste of chicken, and many more.  In response to this sometimes distrurbing trend, Buzz customers have asked us to source a better quality chicken product.  We responded by finding what we belief is the best commercially available chicken program in the world.  Joyce Farms, located in Winston-Salem, NC supplies our signature Naked Bird program, a true "never ever" program, disallowing all hormones, antibiotics and animal byproducts from the animal's diet, while dramatically slowing down the processes of raising and processing the meat.  The result is a line of chicken and other poultry products that any chef can be proud to share on their menu.  Our high quality poultry offerings include, but are no limited to the following:

  • Joyce Farms Naked Bird, most common cuts and products
  • Joyce Farms Poulet Rouge Fermier, the French heritage breed chicken, an amazing product
  • All Natural Heritage Breed Black Turkeys (holidays only)
  • All Natural Duck, including whole, breasts, legs, rendered fat and more
  • Capons, Pheasant, Poussins, Quail, Squab and more...


Lamb is available in domestic, Australian and New Zealand varieties, from only the most trusted sources.  Typical foodservice products include:

  • Racks and Loins
  • Rib and Loin Chops, cut to order
  • Whole and Boneless (BRT) legs in many varieties
  • Top Round, Eye Round, ground lamb, etc.
  • Processed items like gyro cones, loaves & slices


​Buzz offers quality veal options for all of your foodservice needs. A dynamic center-of-the-plate protein option, veal is tender and versatile. Ask us which cut of veal is best for you.

  • Veal Racks
  • Veal Chops
  • Veal Osso Bucco
  • Veal Top Round
  • Veal Striploin
  • Veal Hindshanks
  • Ground Veal


Looking for items to please the most adventurous customer in your dining room?  Constantly getting requests for sources of "lean" protein?  Engage anyone at Buzz around our exotic meats program and you'll find that you have easy access to a wide variety of species, including but not limited to Wagyu Beef, Bison, Elk, Venison, Camel, Alpaca, Alligator and much more.

Buzz Buttered Steaks

Buzz Buttered Steaks might be the reason that you stumbled onto this great website in the first place.  Buzz Buttered Steaks are part of our company's long history, and the first thing that many people in our community think of when they hear mention of Buzz.  We don't have a problem with that.  To explain, in 1958, on Bullitt Street in Charleston, the first box of Buzz Buttered Steaks came off the production line at Hy-Grade Sales and a legend was born.  A "deliciously different" meal made from pure beef and real butter, Buzz Buttered Steaks quickly gained popularity on family dinner tables and in lunch pails throughout the Appalachian coalfields and beyond.  Easy to prepare, the steaks caught on as fans created their own recipes ranging from sandwiches to center-of-the-plate entrees.  Nearly sixty years later, loyal fans of Buzz Buttered Steaks remember them being "the first thing my mother ever let me cook."

The legend around Buzz Buttered Steaks grew even wider in 1976 when theives stole a Buzz truck containing more than six tons of the popular product.  By the time a multi-state manhunt ended, more than a dozen well-fed accomplices were charged with distributing stolen goods.  As publicity around the caper grew, Buzz Buttered Steaks experienced record sales and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, you can find Buzz Buttered Steaks for sale in most independent and chain grocery stores in West Virginia (if not, ask the meat manager!).  We receive MANY, almost daily, kind and sentimental comments from Buzz Buttered Steak fans around the country.  Visit the facebook fan page here.  To date, we have not offered to ship the product out of our market area, but keep checking back and we may figure that out one of these days. Thanks for reading!

Cavalier Meats

With Buzz Products acquiring Cavalier Meats (formerly S.S. Logan Packing Co.), we now have access to Cavalier Meats products. This includes:

  • Hot dog wieners
  • Bologna 
  • Hams
  • Cheese

If you are interested in Cavalier Meat items, please contact your Buzz sales rep.

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