Megan Parsons

Megan Parsons
Marketing and Communications Manager

Megan joins the team as Marketing and Communications Manager after experience working in a marketing agency that served one of the largest meat businesses in the world. As a graduate from the University of Kentucky where she majored in Agricultural Communications and Marketing, Megan fits in perfectly. In the office, you'll catch her capturing content, working on marketing strategy or designing new marketing materials. Out of the office, you'll find her working on her family farm, hiking or playing with her Australian Shepherd, Rue. Megan graduated from the prestigious Certified Angus Beef Masters of Beef Advocacy Training in October 2022. 

Favorite Part of your Job: Creating new value for Buzz

Favorite Cut of Meat: Teres Major

Describe yourself in 3 words: Compassionate, loyal, determined

Favorite side dish: Brussel Sprouts

Favorite Cereal: Special K Red Berries

Best concert you attended: Kenny Chesney on the beach

Favorite outdoor smell: Fresh cut grass

3 things you’d take on a desert island: Sunscreen (she's a redhead), Matches, Tarp

Best advice you've ever received: Work hard when you're young to have something when you're old

Food item you can’t run out of: Does Diet Coke count?

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