Nathan DeBlois

Nathan DeBlois
Production Manager

Nathan moved from Vermont to West Virginia in 2021. Nathan grew up in the Bay Area of San Francisco. Nathan oversees all the production and staff in the Buzz Meat Shop and Appalachian Abattoir. Nathan's favorite part of his job is collaborating on logistical issues and coming up with a solution as a team. He is training for a triathlon where one leg of the course he will swim the shark-infested waters of Alcatraz (crazy, right??).

Prior Work Background: 11 years in protein production

Describe Yourself in Three Words: Loyal, Persistent, Dependable

Best Concert You've Attended: Run DMC and the Beastie Boys in '88. OR Metallica, Faith no More, Soundgarden and Queensryche in '92. 

3 Things You'd Take to a Desert Island: McGyver (guy is a swiss army knife), fishing pole

Most Surprising Fact About You: I'm dyslexic and couldn't read until after I had two degrees at the age of 22. 


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